July 2017
Prolific publishing
Compton Group recognised as one the most highly prolific authors for The Journal of Physical Chemistry C:

June 2017
Kamonwad Ngamchuea Wins Prize at 2017 Great Western Meeting in Bristol
article imageKamonwad Ngamchuea won prize at the Great Western Electrochemistry meeting held at Bristol University on June 26th 2017 with a talk entitled 'Supported Microwires for Electroanalysis: Sensitive Amperometric Detection of Reduced Glutathione.'

June 2017
Professor Compton - Invited Professor at ENS, Paris
article imageRichard Compton is Invited Professor at the Ecole Normale Superior in June hosted by Professor Christian Amatore, Professor Irina Svir and Dr Alexander Oleinick. The photograph shows him with Professor Amatore.

May 2017
Stan Sokolov Wins Prize for Best Talk at SCI Electrochemistry Meeting 2017
article imageStan Sokolov won the prize for the best talk at the SCI Electrochemistry meeting held at Southampton University on May 19th 2017 with a talk entitled 'Femtomolar detection of silver nanoparticles by flow-enhanced direct-impact voltammetry at a microelectrode array.'