Dimensionless variables
for the rotating disc electrode

If the radial diffusion is assumed to be negligible, the mass transport equation is a function of a single spatial dimension:


The convection term is a function of a dimensionless normal co-ordinate (z):

where and w = 2pf(A2.2)

This function has been evaluated numerically by Cochran1, and later by Benton2. Close to the electrode surface it may be approximated as a series expansion in z.


where ai are constants and according to Benton2 a0 = 0.510233 and b0 = -0.61592.

This may be rewritten as a series expansion in real space:



; ; (A2.5)

If the dimensionless variables are introduced:

; (A2.6)

the mass transport equation becomes:



for i=1,2...(A2.8)

Subsituting for ci


it is apparent that ki and thus the steady-state transport-limited current are a sole function of the Schmidt number, since a = a(t, Z, Sc).

A second co-ordinate transformation may now be applied to the normal co-ordinate. The Hale co-ordinate transform3 is given by:

where (A2.10)







The dimensionless mass transport equation in Hale space is therefore:





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