June 2016
Kamonwad Ngamchuea and Stan Sokolov win prizes for talks at the Great Western Electrochemistry Meeting
article imageD.Phil. students Kamonwad Ngamchuea (1st year), Stan Sokolov (2nd year) and Tom Bartlett (3rd year who won the prize last year) presented talks at the Great Western Meeting on June 27th held at Bath University. Kamonwad won the first prize for her talk on 'Handheld Electrochemical Device for the Determination of the Strength of Garlic' whilst Stan won the second prize for his talk on 'Reversible or not? Distinguishing agglomeration and aggregation at the nanoscale'.

February 2016
PACCON 2016: Kamonwad Ngamchuea wins Poster Prize
article imagearticle imageFirst year D.Phil student Ms Kamonwad Ngamchuea('Dia') and RGC attended the 2016 Pure and Applied Chemistry International Conference in Bangkok, Thailand from February 9-11. Dia won a prize for her poster entitled 'In situ detection of particle aggregation on electrode surfaces'. RGC presented a plenary lecture on 'Nano-impacts - new insights into nanoparticles'.

January 2016
article image