October 2023
Chinese Translation of Understanding Voltammetry
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The official translation of the best-selling textbook by Richard Compton and Craig Banks (Manchester Metropolitan University) has just been published and is available for purchase. Great thanks go to Wei Wang (Nanjing University), Yige Zhou (Hunan University), Xiaobo Ji (Central South University) and Ruochen Xie (Nanjing) for their huge efforts in translation and otherwise facilitating this project. You can purchase the textbook using the link below:

August 2023
Huanxin Li presents at 'The 20th Cross Strait Symposium on Carbon Materials’
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Huanxin Li presents at “The 20th Cross Strait Symposium on Carbon Materials' from 26-29th July 2023 in Guiyang, Guizhou, China, and gives an oral presentation titled "Construction of Fast Chargeable Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices with Nano-Carbon-Based Materials-纳米碳基材料构建快充型电化学储能器件".

July 2023
RGC Retirement

RGC will retire as Tutor in Chemistry at St John's College, and as Aldrichian Praelector in the Department of Chemistry on 30th September, 2023. He will continue research with a small group in the PTCL and become an Emeritus Research Fellow at St John's College.

June 2023
Group's work featured on cover of Chemical Science
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Chemical Science, the open-access, flagship journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry, has featured work by Haotian Chen and Minjun (Jake) Yang on their novel method for the classification of plankton in the marine environment using fluoro-electrochemical microscopy and artificial intelligence as the cover article for its most recent issue. This work was done in collaboration with Samuel Barton, Rosaling E. M. Rickaby, and Heather A. Bouman from the University of Oxford's Department of Earth Sciences. You can read the article using the link below: