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Fundamental Electrochemistry
Chemical Sensors

Understanding electrochemical processes is key to developing energy storage and conversion devices (fuel cells, solar cells, batteries) as well as being at the heart of much of modern biology and nanotechnology. At the same time electrochemical sensors provide sensitive, selective, clean and easy to use approaches to the detection and monitoring of many important chemical species (gas sensors, blood sugar, pH).

The Compton Group has interests ranging from fundamental electrochemistry (theory of electron transfer and of mass transport) to making chemical sensors; the companies Senova and OxTox have spun out of Group research in recent years. Current work also focuses on electrochemistry in nanoelectrodes, room temperature ionic liquids and in bioelectrochemistry. We adopt a bottom-up approach developing new methods to investigate the kinetics and mechanisms of interfacial reactions.

The group has a strong history in producing outstanding Part II and D.Phil. theses. The work of the group is at the forefront of international research and our students all contribute to this from day one. We have a wide range of interests within dedicated experimental and theoretical subgroups. This website enables you to explore some of our research, our publications (and books) and to see the scientists in, and collaborating with the Group.

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